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Natural scenes in tactile texture.

Published in Journal of neurophysiology, 2014

Recommended citation: Manfredi LR, Saal HP, Brown KJ, Zielinski MC, Dammann JF, Polashock VS, Bensmaia SJ. Natural scenes in tactile texture. Journal of neurophysiology. 2014;111(9):1792–1802.

Improved coating of pancreatic islets with regulatory T cells to create local immunosuppression by using the biotin-polyethylene glycol-succinimidyl valeric acid ester molecule.

Published in Transplantation proceedings, 2014

Recommended citation: Gołąb K, Kizilel S, Bal T, Hara M, Zielinski M, Grose R, Savari O, Wang X-J, Wang L-J, Tibudan M. Improved Coating of Pancreatic Islets With Regulatory T cells to Create Local Immunosuppression by Using the Biotin-polyethylene Glycol-succinimidyl Valeric Acid Ester Molecule. Transplantation proceedings. 2014;46(6):1967–1971.